Online Speech Therapy Services for children

About our telepractice services:

We use an interactive video conferencing platform that includes intervention materials, practice words, reading passages, games, etc. The student and clinician will be able to see and manipulate the same materials, with the ability to use typing, drawing and stamping tools to increase engagement. For younger children unable to participate in telepractice services themselves, we offer parent coaching to provide you with the tools to help improve your child's communication skills during your everyday routines. Schedule a free consultation for a demo of our telepractice platform.

Why choose online therapy?

Research has proven telepractice to be just as effective as in-person services! With online therapy, parents can more easily be included in the sessions to allow for more effective home practice. Therapy in the home setting also allows for greater carryover of skills into everyday activities. Additionally, online therapy is convenient and accessible, without the need to spend long hours in the car driving to and from therapy sessions.

Who can benefit from online therapy?

Most speech and language disorders can be effectively treated online, including speech sound disorders, receptive and expressive language disorders, dyslexia, stuttering, social language delays and more.

Children of all ages can benefit from online speech therapy. At younger ages, parents are more involved in therapy sessions, or parent coaching techniques may be utilized.

We currently provide online therapy services to patients in Ohio, California, Michigan and Florida. Contact us to inquire about availability in your state, if not listed.

School speech therapy services:

As experienced teletherapy providers since 2017, we have the skills to deliver effective online services that will keep students engaged and help them meet their goals! Our personalized approach to school services and our focus on therapist retention make us the ideal choice when you need dependable providers who are ready to serve. Contact us today to fill your vacancy and rest assured that you will have service providers ready and be in compliance from day one! Learn more about our school therapy services here.




Services offered to residents of Ohio, Michigan, California, and Florida.