About OuR Services

Brighter Connections Speech and Wellness provides speech, feeding, and literacy evaluations and intervention. We provide online intervention services (via telepractice) and office visits in our Bexley location. See more details about our services below, or contact us to schedule a free consultation.

We provide therapy services to address the following concerns:

Speech-Language Therapy:

We have experience treating children with a wide range of communication disabilities, including difficulties with articulation (pronunciation), receptive language (understanding of vocabulary and concepts), expressive language (use of verbal language to communicate thoughts in an organized manner), phonological awareness and manipulation (foundational literacy skills, such as rhyming, sound identification and blending/segmenting), and written language (reading, writing and spelling). Bilingual therapy services are available in Spanish and English when appropriate.

Feeding Therapy:

We have experience treating infants and children with feeding difficulties, including breastfeeding/bottle feeding difficulties, tethered oral tissues (tongue/lip tie), poor oral motor skills, picky eating and more. Services may be provided in our Bexley office or via telepractice.

Myofunctional Therapy:

We provide myofunctional therapy to increase strength and coordination of the muscles in your face and mouth. This can have a significant impact on your overall health and quality of life, improve your breathing, sleep, speech, swallowing, and appearance, while also reducing the risk of dental and orthodontic issues, including jaw pain. Services may be provided in our Bexley office or via telepractice.

Myofascial Release:

We use Myofascial Release (John F. Barnes MFR) in combination with functional treatments, like myofunctional therapy or feeding therapy to address the root cause of TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain and feeding difficulties. We are committed to providing holistic care that relieves tension and pain while teaching new, functional movement patterns, breaking the cycle of chronic pain and disorder. 




Services offered to residents of Ohio, Michigan, California, and Florida.