Speech-Language and literacy Evaluations

About our evaluation services:

We offer comprehensive speech and language evaluations, including bilingual (Spanish/English) speech and language evaluations. We also offer comprehensive language and literacy testing, including diagnosis of dyslexia, or specific reading disorder, if applicable.

How long will the evaluation take?

A comprehensive speech and language evaluation will usually last approximately two hours. If your only concerns are related to speech-sound production or articulation, we can complete the evaluation in about an hour. Bilingual evaluations and literacy evaluations may take longer than two hours and may be spread over more than one session due to the need to assess multiple components of language, or assess in two languages.

How much will the evaluation cost?

The cost will vary based on the concerns you have about your child's speech and language skills, as this will affect how much and what testing will be completed. Contact us for specific information based on your concerns.

All evaluations include a review of the child and family history and parent concerns, speech and language sampling and formal evaluation. After the first appointment, the test results must be interpreted and a second appointment will be set to review the results of the evaluation (both appointments are included in the evaluation cost). You will be provided with a full evaluation report and recommendations, including a proposed treatment plan, if applicable.




Services offered to residents of Ohio, Michigan, California, and Florida.