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We use an interactive video conferencing platform that includes intervention materials, practice words, reading passages, games, etc. The student and clinician will be able to see and manipulate the same materials, with the ability to use typing, drawing and stamping tools to increase engagement. For younger children who need more support, we coach paraprofessionals on the most helpful techniques so that the student can still participate in therapy sessions. Schedule a free consultation for a demo of our telepractice platform.

Why choose online therapy?

Research has proven telepractice to be just as effective as in-person services! Almost all students can be great candidates for teletherapy with the proper support. With our online tools and materials, many students demonstrate increased engagement and focus. With teletherapy, there's no need to worry about a shortage of therapists in your area, because we bring the therapists to you! You also have easier access to needed specialists and bilingual support.

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Services offered to residents of Ohio, Michigan, California, and Florida.