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What is the TummyTime! Method?

The TummyTime! Method is a scientific, evidence informed program developed to uniquely address the needs of babies in the newborn to precrawling stage of life.

TummyTime! optimizes baby's neurodevelopment by supporting health, posture, movement, and connection. It can also treat oral motor dysfunction, postural asymmetries, digestive difficulties and autonomic dysregulation.

Benefits of the TummyTime! Method:

  • Promotes social-emotional connection

  • Encourages movement and developmental progression

  • Optimizes tongue and oral function

  • Improves posture and alignment

  • Promotes optimal head shape

  • Facilitates sensory skills

  • Eases colic and reflux

  • Promotes visual development

What if baby doesn't seem to like tummy time?

If your baby does not seem to like tummy time, it's important to figure out WHY they are uncomfortable lying on their tummy. With the TummyTime! Method we go into "problem solving" mode and figure out a way for baby to enjoy this vital developmental position.

Why book a TummyTime! Consultation?

TummyTime! Method classes and private sessions are loaded with information to help you understand baby's needs and behaviors during tummy time and ensure that baby feels safe and ready to play.

Consider a one-on-one consultation if:

  • Baby fusses often during tummy time

  • Baby arches their back consistently

  • Baby has difficulty with head turning

  • Baby is unable to bring their hand to mouth while in tummy time

  • Baby spends less than 10 minutes per day doing tummy time

TummyTime! Group Classes

In TummyTime! group classes, you will learn tips for your baby's development in all areas. You will also learn techniques for helping your baby enjoy tummy time more. Group classes are a great way to build community and support while having fun and learning new skills with your baby!

Current Group Class Schedule

No classes are scheduled at this time.

To express interest in TummyTime! group classes in the London area, contact us at or (740) 490-2414.




Services offered to residents of Ohio, California, and Pennsylvania.